Noma Voted as World’s Top Restaurant in an International Poll

In an international poll on Monday, the famous Spanish restaurant elBulli was beaten by the upcoming restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. It made the Spanish star restaurant to lose that coveted number one spot. Over 800 critics, who were from different backgrounds like food experts, journalists and critics were in that panel to vote it as the best in the world.

The restaurant was transformed from a shipping warehouse from the 18th century. It serves authentic Nordic delicacies. 32-year-old young chef Rene Redzepi is the head of the restaurant . They use local and seasonal ingredients to serve specialty food. The chefs are constantly looking to serve exotic delicacies from the Nordic ingredients like curds, wild salmon, seaweed and cod from Iceland; from Greenland, they get berries, musk ox and lamb.

The main aim of them is to offer distinct tastes with quality cuisines and their simple serving approach will certainly attract people from across the world. Just hearing all these is making me hungry I envy those who have went there


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