Dining Made More Exciting with Ice Wine


Surely this sounds quite enticing when you think of having a grand dinner with Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay, which is one of the most expensive ice wines of the day. The Royal DeMaria brands of wines trace their origin from Ontario, Canada where some of the best quality ice wines worldwide are produced.

Moreover, Royal DeMaria is credited with producing the most expensive ice wines worldwide and if you are head over heels in love with a grand and princely wining experience then, possession of Royal DeMaria wine is a must.

In fact, if any special occasion is coming up for you to win admirations or even for simple family gatherings, you should hurry for your share of Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay as only limited number of bottles still remain.

You would be amazed to know that initially these bottles were worth $30,000.00 CAD and to add to your excitement the last remaining number of bottles will cost approx $500,000 CAD. Go ahead and add the icy air to your party with the expensive Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay ice wines.

Via: onahigh.org

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