Cover Your Asp: “Snakes On A Plane” Movie

There are a few videos you’ll problably never see on a flight. One is “Alive!” — the true story of a Brazilian soccer team whose plane crashes in the Andes and they do a Donner Party number on the dead victims. Another is the first episode of “Lost” when the plane realistically breaks apart and crashes.

Now, I predict you will NEVER see “Snakes on a Plane” — a film starring Samuel L. Jackson for summer release. It has an insidious title, “cult classic” written all over it, and a plot line about a attempted hit on a government witness via slithering, hissing, poisonous snakes dropping from the oxygen masks.

If you want to howl with indignity, visit the site’s brilliantly sick Snakes on a Blog. [Via Newsweek.]

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