Aristocratic De Luxe services for the guests at Cornelia De Luxe


The shore of the coastal strip of Belek houses the water paradise, Cornelia De Luxe with its unique architecture of the five storey main building along with its Garden Hotel area and the Private Villa. The beach hotel stands 35 km away from the beautiful and peaceful Antalya. The hotel building offers you the pristine beauty of the coastline of silvery sand beaches with overwhelming natural beauty. The warm welcome and the hospitality throughout offered by the “De Luxe All Inclusive” services of the magnificent hotel keeps guests in a totally different mood as they step into the hotel entrance. The sleek interiors of the lavish rooms with splashes of eye soothing colors in this awesome beachfront escape create a tranquil and serene environment for guests. The garden rooms are located on the private garden terrace of the hotel surrounded by the well maintained garden filled with varieties of greenery and flora. The sea view rooms provide the pristine beauty of the waves of the blue Mediterranean Sea kissing the sand beaches under the golden tropical sunshine. The most aristocratic destination, the Grand De Luxe Suite, covering an area of 120 sq. m. is included in this sea view accommodation series.


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