Chocopologie – World’s Tastiest Chocolate

Can you imagine that a pound of a chocolate can cost you about $2,600? Yes, you have read it right a whopping $2600 per pound. I am just trying to imagine how heavenly it will taste once it goes into my mouth, awesome!

The chocolates, that we buy and store in fridge to eat it regularly, are not that costly. The creator of this chocolate is Chef Fritz Knipschildt. Knipschildt is one of the renowned chocolatiers of the world who offers an array of different types of mouthwatering chocolates. It is referred as CHOCOPOLOGIE, one of the world’s tastiest chocolates. It is the costliest chocolate and the cost of one-piece is $250. You can taste that alluring dark chocolate within which there is French black truffle. These chocolate truffles are available only by pre-order. Truffle oil with creamy ganache is blended with 70 percent Valhrona cacao. This truffle is handmade and finally dusted with cocoa powder.


Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on May 19, 2010 in Food

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