Spend a Pleasant Evening with Ladybank


The house of Ladybank Distillery located in Edinburgh, Scotland features one of the most expensive scotch Ladybank Single Malt. For the connoisseurs of true class and style this drink is a great experience and just like a gold digger would pay anything for his treasure, similarly the ones who know the real worth of quality products would surely pay a lump some for this drink.

The house of Ladybank Distillery mainly produces a limited number of 300 bottles of finest of the Single Malt Scotch whiskey and being a proud owner of one such bottle is very easy, as you just have to be a member of their club. To be a member of this prestigious club you just have to cash out $4,700 per year.

This drink is one of the best solutions to set the mood in your party as more and more men would love to indulge in the fine and smooth taste of this malt whiskey.

Via: Style Crave

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