Brazilian Bombshell Honored: “Carmen Miranda Forever,” Rio de Janeiro

I remember watching Carmen Miranda dancing in old movies like “Copacabana” and “That Night in Rio,” wearing totally outrageous fruit headdresses. I seem to remember her singing the “Chiquita Banana” jingle, too. Or maybe not.

Whatever you remember, the “Brazilian Bombshell” is now being immortalized on the 50th Anniversary of her death at Rio’s Modern Art Museum. It’s hosting “Carmen Miranda Forever” — an exhibition honoring the most famous Brazilian woman of the 20th century who first introduced colorful turbans to global movie fans.

In fact, she was so popular that over 500,000 people packed the streets of Rio during her funeral procession.
Carmen was a fashion-forward, multi-talented singer, dancer, and recording artist. The exhibit chronicles her early years in Brazil during the 1920s and 30s, and features over 700 items, including clothing, jewelry, old records, magazines and photos.

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