Ghostly Goosebump Sleepovers :: Just in Time for Halloween!

Editor’s Note: This really is Janice’s 200th posting! (I miscounted on the SITC article yesterday… my bad… So in a few weeks, she’ll be second only to me in the number of her articles written for Vagablond! Congrats, Janice!

No one’s sure if it’s the great breakfasts, the warm hospitality, or the atmosphere of these historic homes, but friendly spirits simply can’t get enough of America’s B&Bs. Once again, www.BedandBeakfast.com, has compiled the most comprehensive list of sleepover spots where ghost seekers will enjoy spirited gatherings and potentially close encounters with the other world, bed-and-breakfast style. Although innkeepers are often afraid to share stories for fear of scaring guests, these B&Bs dare to reveal their ghostly happenings.

Just a few hair-raising examples…

Americus Garden Inn B&B, Americus, GA: A warm presence causes strange happenings at this pre-Civil War inn, and the innkeepers have made a science of capturing ghostly occurrences in photos and on tape. Doors have opened on their own with a creaking sound; clock radios have turned themselves on and off; car keys have been mysteriously moved; footsteps have been heard in unoccupied rooms; and the aroma of perfume has been reported several times in guests’ rooms in the middle of the night. Guests have captured a host of “orbs” on film (not visible to the eye), and the inn is a training ground for those who investigate the paranormal. From children’s voices to messages from Civil War soldiers, this inn is a treasure for those who seek ghostly experiences.

Battle Island Inn B&B, Fulton, NY: Whispers of “hello” and a child calling “Mom!”, baskets swinging on the walls, and placemats and forks moving from the table to a chair are just some of the games played by the welcoming ghosts. Within minutes of hearing the cry of the child for her mother, one doubting innkeeper found a game card on her lawn that read, “When did you come closest to believing in the supernatural?” Despite a recent rainfall, the card was in perfect condition.

Penny House Inn, Eastham, MA: Home to the “Goodnight Ghost,” along with other playful spirits, ghost stories from this inn are well documented in Haunted Houses of Cape Cod. One ghost named Charlotte loves to turn the music up full blast in the inn’s on-site spa, so care is taken before every treatment to turn the music down. Charlotte loves the new spa, built in the oldest part of the inn dating back to 1690; her approval gives the spa positive energy.

For more Halloween packages and events, visit www.BedandBreakfast.com and click on Halloween Happenings or Sleep with a Ghost in the lower left-hand corner of the home page.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead, who’s not afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night.

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