Canlis, Seattle Washington

Run by the Canlis family, Canlis Restaurant in Seattle is one of the most compelling choice of the foodies who are looking for authentic northwest cuisine with a dash of variation. Since 1950, the restaurant is maintaining its reputation as of the most favorite fine dining restaurants of the world. winner of eleven successive Wine Spectator Grand Awards and two times James Beard runner up for superb service in the country, it is also the restaurant that is the ultimate destination for a romantic dinner with great view and food. The owners and chef are in constant search of the most luxurious and great northwestern ingredients to offer their customers delicious and innovative dishes to soothe their gastronomic need.

By entering the restaurant, you will feel a sense of warmth and belonging. This is the USP of the restaurant. The fireplace, the valet and the warm welcome of Mr. Canlis all makes this place an inviting destination.


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