Calling All Professional Foodies & Wannabees

You don’t want to miss this… I get dizzy just trying to keep up with what my talented friend Linda Carucci is doing next. She was the Julia Child Director of Culinary Programs at COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts in Napa, California. She is also the author of Cooking School Secrets for Real World Cooks (Chronicle Books, 2005), which was a finalist for a James Beard Award and the Julia Child First Book Award. In 1996, Linda left her position as dean of the California Culinary Academy to start her own cooking school.

And she still volunteers her time and expertise at CHEFS –– “Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service” –– a professional culinary training program in San Francisco for the homeless or disabled adults. Over 80% of the graduates secure jobs.

Her latest venture is opening a Culinary Entrepreneurship Program for Food Professionals and Culinary Students, which is taught by Linda and renowned San Francisco award-winning chef, cookbook author and culinary consultant, Joyce Goldstein.

The Culinary Entrepreneurship Program is a series of intensive classes for those who are looking for alternative ways to earn an income in the culinary industry. Taught by established, recognized experts in various fields within the culinary arts, this program is geared to professionals who want to break out of a particular niche or specialty within the culinary industry or to students enrolled in traditional cooking and hospitality programs who want broader exposure to the industry than is provided in the typical culinary arts curriculum.

Expand your skills and enhance your credentials! Here is a chance to learn from experts as you network with colleagues who can open doors for you.

You will get the inside scoop on alternative culinary careers such as food styling, teaching or writing from some of the best in the country. Linda, along with Joyce Goldstein, plus Denise Vivaldo, an award-winning food stylist and instructor, might get you psyched for a whole new career, or at least will ensure that you’ll wow them at your next dinner party.


By Vagablond’s Token Redhead.

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