By the River Avon, step into the wonderland of The George Christchurch


A luxury boutique hotel in Christchurch near the fabulous Hagley Park, The George Christchurch never compromises in spreading the essence of supreme comfort along with heartfelt and warm hospitality. The sweet sound of the ripples of River Avon, which flows along this exclusive lodge, is like natural music that beats upon the eardrums of guests and carries them away to a tranquil wonderland. There are 52 highly decorated and luxurious accommodations where guests can experience an upscale lifestyle. All the rooms and suites are embellished with chic and sophisticated décor, and as the guests step into their accommodations, they enter into a world of opulence and elegance. The feather soft couches in the bedrooms allow guests into a world of comfort and help them relax and gaze at the marvelous picturesque beauty of their natural surroundings. There are a number of in-house gourmet restaurants to satisfy the tastes of the guests, with delicious international and traditional cuisines along with selected drinks.


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