Bury My Bones at Red Mountain Spa :: Utah part 2

The Exercise Classes:

You’ll find it difficult to choose from over 50 different classes a week. They run the gamut from cardio, (cardio core work, cardio salsa, even cardio in the pool) to weight-training classes, (strength circuit, power pilates, TRX conditioning) and stretch, (morning dessert stretch, aromatic chi ball stretch, and gentle Yoga.) My faves were the Drums Alive (what a blast!) and stretching on the ball. This is definitely the spot to get you out of your exercise doldrums and into something new.
The trainers were all enthusiastic and really knew their stuff, which made exercising a lot more fun. Thankfully, they don’t practice the “no-pain-no gain” philosophy and readily made suggestions for easier alternatives.

The Sagestone Spa:

I heard mixed reports depending on which service and therapist you had, but my experience was sheer heaven. Many treatments were based on the use of indigenous ingredients ranging from desert botanicals, muds, clays, salts, and essential oils and utilized century old treatments from around the world. Again, it’s a tough call trying to choose between an Adobe Lavender Hydrating Cocoon or an Aromasoul Journey- which comes with its own sub-sector of choices based on either Arabian, Indian, Mediterranean or Oriental rituals. For my custom Aroma Massage, I filled out a health questionnaire (while my feet were being washed in a flower-strewn foot bath) so my massage therapist could concoct my own special healing massage oil. After a blissful massage, she handed me a bottle of my private-label oil for home use.

The Adventure:

Saving the best for last—I LOVED their hiking program. Every morning different hikes are offered and available for three fitness levels, starting with a saunter with lots of stops to point out the local flora and fauna and geological wonders, to what looked like scaling sheer mountain cliffs in a single bound. The knowledgeable hiking instructors all have years of experience and seem to be personally vested in seeing that you have a wonderful time. One guide pointed out no less than 10 edible plants on our hike while another led us to some amazing petroglyphs, open to a myriad of interpretations.
One Caveat: When they point out Johnson’s Arch and recommend it as 15 minute hike to do on your own and say, “You can’t get lost”, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM;-) I admit I’m geographically challenged but I thought that even I could manage this. Fast forward to me, 2 hours later, completely lost in a canyon without my cell phone, out of water, wondering who was going to find my bleached bones, and unable to find a single landmark. Luckily, right before it got too dark I saw the outline of some homes high on a distant cliff. I clawed my way to the top ( breaking all my @#$% nails) ungracefully managed to climb over the wrought iron gate only to find myself in a brand new complex sporting “For Sale” signs with out a living soul in shouting distance. But there was a road, which I trudged down until I finally hit the main drag. It turns out that somehow I was 1 ½ miles from the spa, the complete opposite direction from where I had original started.
More planned adventures can be had by signing up for rock-climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or day trips to Bryce or Zion National Parks.

All in all, Red Mountain Spa offers something for everyone and makes a great girlfriend, couples or solo getaway. They even offer some unique spa packages, “King of the Mountain”-perfect for adventure-seeking males, or with the rise in childhood obesity I was pleased to read about their “Bring a Teen” program which encourages parents to show their teens that healthier lifestyles can be fun. Be sure and check out their website for some very special specials!

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