Boutique Artistry: Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

The trend of individualized artistic expression on hotel room walls is spreading. In June, we reported on the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco. Now this, from

“Everyone is drawing on the walls at Hotel Fox — at least everyone who is someone in the world of urban art, graphic design and illustration. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, the sixty-one rooms have been individually (and stunningly) painted, creating a boutique hotel unlike any other.

“Each room has its own character and its own story. Like room #408, by Hort, where the walls are drenched in a graphic green forest. Or room #209 (pictured above), by the French designers Antoine et Manuel, where everything is about chance.

“Hotel Fox is the product of a collaboration between Volkswagen and Project Fox, a network of young artists and innovators fusing art, culture, travel and gastronomy. The hotel fosters the growth of a burgeoning generation of cooks, hotel managers and artists. A rooftop bar boasts exceptional mixology on top of sprawling views of the city.

“Hotel Fox debuted during the month of April as a drawn-out (and done-up) unveiling for the new VW Fox, and having taken its urban root, the hotel now stands to have a long and fruitful life as an independent enterprise. Check out the hotel’s site for details on each room and links to the artists who created this collective masterpiece.”
Project Fox

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