Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale – No More Excess Baggage Charges

The light and easy to use Balanzza means you can pack right to your limit without the worry of excess charges.

It’s small and light enough to take with you, even do a double-check while in the queue. It will weigh up to 44kg or 100lbs with a strong strap it’s quick to attach to your bag, case or whatever!

Available in high street shops and online, at $24.95 it could save you that much on its first trip abroad.

Check out these stores to track down your Balanzza

* LLBean Catalog or Online store
* Travelsmith Catalog or Online store
* Magellans Catalog or Online store
* First Street Catalog or Online store
* Edwards Luggage
* Selectives AAA travel stores
* Bed Bath and Beyond stores that have a luggage department


Posted by Rachel Webb on July 09, 2008 in Shopping

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