Authentic Japanese cuisine served at Basara since 2002


Cuddling between the twin Summitmas Towers, authentic Japanese restaurant Basara welcomes its guests to relish a Japanese taste while exploring the beauty of the region. It is one among the top dining areas in the city about which a diner can experience and feel as the red colored single door of the entrance opens to guide guests to its clean and well designed dining area. The entire floor is made of shiny stone, whereas the walls are washed with milky white paint to reflect a simple yet exclusive taste. Ethnic furniture made of brown wood with simple designs decorate the dining area where 150 diners can sit at a time comfortably to savor authentic Japanese flavor. There are 8 private dining areas where guests can enjoy a private dinner. All the culinary dishes offered in this gastronomic enclave are served from the kitchen of renowned Japanese chef, Hirohisa Koyama. After its establishment in 2002, the fame of this restaurant has spread all across the world, which has resulted in the establishment of a number of branches of this exclusive Japanese restaurant.


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