Are you confused about them wine labels?

wine labelIf you find wine labels confusing, read this article. You’ll still be confused, but at least you will know why. The “names” of wines that go on that label (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Rioja) are striclty (or somewhat less strictly in some areas) and affect the perceived value of the wine. So they have the double purpose of describing the content of the bottle so you know what you are buying, and marketing the “prestige” of the name and look to maximize the return that the vintner can obtain from the precious liquid. If you think this is confusing, it may be because it is on purpose. “A rio revuelto ganancia de pescadores” they say in Spain. Meaning losely that when the river is churned the fisherman are to gain (as opposed to the fish). So if the labelling of wine is confusing to the customer, some less ethical labels can get away with squeezing in a word or two that strictly doesn’t belong there but puts their wine in a higher shelf for the average consumer. You may end up paying more for a lesser bottle. Let’s see what the experts are saying. The Economist Is Right About Wine

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  1. timmy says:

    no doubt. thanks for this link. i’ve always been green when it comes to labels.

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