The Delectable Experience at Blantyre – Lenox

Blantyre, located in the stunning Berkshires, Massachusetts, is a very private shelter in which you find a true escape from your daily worries. This heavenly resort is the best place to enjoy a world of tranquility, distinctive wines, great service, and the finest cuisine

This luxurious country house hotel offers 15 exceptional rooms and 9 admirable suites. However, it is not just the rooms, which are so splendid in the hotel. The food is simply heavenly and you would never want to return home from the hotel. In 2008, the New York Times rated this hotel as one of the “31 Places to Go” during that year. That proves how popular the place can be.

You will love the delicious country house cuisine, which is served lovingly in the attractive oak- paneled dining room. You will enjoy the delectable dishes, which are laid out on neat tables set with fresh flowers, sterling silver, crystal, and fine china.


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