Acquarello; best Italian eating hub in Munich


In the heart of Munich in Germany, the gastronomic enclave, Acquarello stands to welcome guests in its magnificently decorated dining area where guests can relish delicious dishes while sitting in a world of delights and pleasure. All the walls are painted with multihued paintings. The chefs here believe that although food is simply a basic necessity of life, the preparation of delicious dishes is a real culinary art. Diners love the creative and awesome Italian flavors that are served here. This restaurant is considered the best Italian eating hub in Munich. On each decorative dining table, guests are welcomed with perfect appetizers which are followed by authentic Italian dishes. Some diners even complain that the perfection in their starters is the enemy of their mouth watering Italian main courses. Starting from relishing starters to awesome desserts, every dish keeps diners returning to this elegant restaurant.


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