Just released:2010 Hotel and Restaurant Trend List, pt 4

Food Trends to look for in 2010:

Hot Foods:

Eggs: deviled, pickled and deep fried
Sous vide fruit, jam packed fruit with jolly rancher intensity
Pasta: ramen, soba and spaghetti
Legs & feet
You silly rabbit
Cassoulet and crock pots
Fritters and croquettes
Ceviche (moving east), fried chicken (moving west)
Polenta and grits
More than just your token tofu

Cool Drinks

Iced tea is the new water
Retro sodas
Red, white or orange – natural wines
Hard ciders and cask aged beers
Dessert drinks and spiked shakes
All tapped in: wine on tap
Beer cocktails
Flower power: rosewater, crème de violette and hibiscus syrup
Foam art and branded drinks on cocktails and coffee
Bitter cocoa and coffee tinctures in cocktails

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