Pierrot White Fountain Pen – Your Best Aid For Creating Stylish Signature


If you are an avid pen lover and have a knack for collecting exclusive pens from across the world, then these David Oscarson Pens will be just perfect for you. Pens have a great history that can be traced back to ancient ages.

If you are an obsessed pens collector, then David Oscarson Pens are the best options for you. They are popular for their incomparable artistic mastery and elegant craftsmanship. The most expensive of these fountain pens is Pierrot White Fountain Pen that comes with the price tag of almost about $4,900.

Through the Pierrot White Fountain Pen, David Oscarson has introduced an exclusive collection presenting the old world artistry in a splendid series of designer pens. In fact, among the various luxury pen-making companies, David Oscarson is the first to infuse three levels of Guilloché and five colors of hard enamel on each fountain pen, which is proficiently finished in Rhodium vermeil with natural backgrounds.

Via: Pencollections.com

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