$9,195 for a pair of mammoth ivory diamond studded gold cufflinks


It is true that cufflinks are not so popular nowadays like they were earlier, but many men still prefer to wear exclusive cufflinks with their shirts or suits. For rich fashion savvy men, Atelier Yozu has launched a pair of customized cufflinks from its designer section at an exclusive price tag of $9,195. The customization is done according to the buyer’s needs and the charges go up on the basis of the level of customization needed. These cufflinks are carved out from a small piece of mammoth ivory and then embellished with 18 carat pure yellow or white gold according to the buyer’s choice. A Platinum edition is also available. 60 brilliant diamonds are set all around these cufflinks to enhance the glam and beauty of this timeless accessory. Each of these sparkling round diamonds are 0.01 carats. This pair of cufflinks is the most exclusive and expensive cufflinks available in the men’s fashion world all across the globe.

Via www.menzmag.com

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on February 17, 2012 in Shopping

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