75 carat diamond studded iPod Touch 24ct Gold Supreme Fire Edition priced at $330,000


Stuart Hughes in Liverpool gives a magical treatment to simple items to make them exclusive and unique. In the same way, this luxury house has sprinkled its magical effect on a costly Apple iPod, turning it into the most expensive luxury iPod on earth, priced at a modest $330,000. This iPod Tough 4G has now been renamed iPod Touch 24ct Gold Supreme Fire Edition by this luxury brand. The entire body of this electronic gadget is embellished with solid 24 carat pure gold of 125 grams. The entire outline of the front side is encrusted with 124 glittering diamonds. At the center of the 16 gram gold navigation key is one 2 carat bright diamond inset. Surrounding this single piece, there are 28 diamonds on the navigation key. The Apple logo on its rear side is refitted with 21 grams of pure gold and is embellished with 53 sparkling diamonds. In total, the weight of all these diamonds set to beautify this luxury and elegant iPod is 75 carats. With upgraded technical specifications, this masterpiece MP3 player is available in limited editions only.

Via stuarthughes.com

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