On the Hunt for The Perfect Bag

WaterField Bags at sfbags.comDefinition Bag-a-holic: “one afflicted with the compulsive desire to acquire new bags (purses, briefcases, backpacks, etc). Symptoms: caches of little-used luggage paraphernalia; subconscious gravitation to travel-related stores. Treatment: sfbags.com.”

I for one have long suffered from this condition. What friends and family don’t understand though, is that this obsession is not pathological. What underlies every bag-a-holic’s addiction is one simple need: The Perfect Bag.

Finally, someone gets it. Gary designs WaterField bags, available at sfbags.com and discerning luggage stores. In 1998, Gary set out to design The Perfect bag. His results are fantastic. Modular, stylish, fitted, and astoundingly high quality – the bags speak for themselves. Intelligently organize cables, chargers, personal items, laptops and gizmos all in one bag that doesn’t look or feel like you’ve shoved a herd of elephants into a VW Bug. Brilliant!

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