The 7 Question Interview – Chef Edward Kim – Mi & Yu Noodle Bar – Baltimore, MD

soupLately I have been a bit disappointed in my Ramen adventures, bland broths and seemed like they were phoning it in with ingredients. Mi & Yu have renewed my love of all things Ramen!
I tried the beef dashi soup. It was incredibly hearty, and rich with a slight hint of sweetness. My favorite part of this whole dish..the pork belly! Perfect meat to fat ratio, the belly was amazing! Tender yet ever so slightly crispy, the pork belly was cooked perfectly.

The Chef & Owner, Edward Kim, was kind enough to answer our ‘7 Questions’ –

What is your earliest memory of loving food?
Earliest memory of loving food was in college, I was always responsible for the food in my fraternity.

What was the first dish you perfected?
When I was a line cook @ Oceana back in 95, perfected the searing & plate presentation of Rick Moonen’s signature dish, “Seared Rockfish w/ truffled yukon gold mashed potatoes, chive oil & truffled vinaigrette.

If you could only choose five(5) ingredients to cook with for one month what would they be?
Pork, miso, ginger, rice vinegar & sugar.

What is your favorite breakfast?
Pancakes w/ sausage & over easy eggs.

Name three(3) people you would love to have cook for you?
Mom, Jean George & Tom Colicchio.

What is the most important decision you have ever made?
Chose culinary over law. Became a dishwasher after dropping out of law school. Definitely, a long term ROI.

If you had one meal left on this earth, what would it be and who would you enjoy it with?
One meal left: with mom. Her famous scallion pancakes, kimchi, jap chae (korean cellophane noodles) & plain white rice.

1016 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD


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