Aquarium Aquarium On the Wall, Who is the Classiest of Them All


Sounds strange though, this is what most aquarium lovers would think in awe and surprise the minute they set their eyes on a shimmering Platinum Arowana beside a tinkling gold fish may be. To find a pristine white Platinum Arowana is quite a rare achievement in itself. The year 2007 was the first time when Platinum Arowana came to the limelight and gained major focus among the lovers of sophisticated and decorative fishes.

Come to think of this fish in your fish tank, it is 15 inches long. Wow, is the term most fish lovers would think and most would love to empty their pockets for this unique piece of nature. This fish belonging to the proud Aro Dynasty is actually from the family of the Dragon fishes and costs largely between $80,000 to $400,000. However the Aro Dynasty does not seem to be interested in selling it. So may be you have to take a trip to Singapore for a view of this precious yet ‘Not For Sale’ fish as emphasized by the Aro Dynasty.

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