46-years old Glen Garioch 1958 priced at $2,600


An ancient and rare bottle from a limited stock of 336 bottles; it is a unique identity for a 46-year old vintage bottle of Glen Garioch 1958. Among those 336 bottles which were produced in 1958 from an excellent Highland distillery, only 60 of these single malt bottles were released in the UK. Created and distilled in the northern region of Scotland, this Scotch whisky features floral and fruity tasting notes to satisfy the taste buds of all liquor lovers. With a smooth and silky texture, the soft, sweet and gentle palate leaves a long lasting oily and nutty flavor in one’s mouth.

Presented in a hardwood pack with a soft and smooth velvet lining, the box resembles the gentle smoothness of the liquor inside. Each bottle of this brand is a true representation of a rich lifestyle, there is a hidden richness and in every sip of this whisky and each bottle of this 1958 Glen Garioch is priced at $2,600.

Via www.thewhiskyexchange.com

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