Power Tools for Gadget-Prone Travelers

Have you ever wondered what those little lightning bolts on the airline overhead bins mean? Do you find yourself cursing those around you still using their laptops hours after your own little laptop battery rolled over and died a slow death, beeping as it went? If so, iGo’s EverywherePower 7500 is the your next must-have travel accessory.

Small, sleek, lightweight and stylish – iGo comes with all the cables you need to power virtually any laptop from an airline power plug (located under the seats of those rows designated with the lightning bolts). It’s even packaged with a zippered case, so your iGo and all its cables stay in one, easy to grab bundle.

But that’s not all. With the iGo EverywherePower 7500, you can leave virtually ALL your other chargers at home – with the proper “tips�? from iGo’s website, this little gizmo can concurrently charge your laptop and your cell phone, PDA or digital camera. You are not limited to just using your iGo on the go either – that’s where the “Everywhere�? part comes in: iGo comes with cables to not only plug into the airplane but also a car cigarette lighter or a standard wall power-outlet. As an added convenience to international travelers, iGo accepts AC input from 100-230 VAC at 50/60 Hz – no more lugging heavy transformers, in most countries a simple plug adaptor is all you need.

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