ALT Hotel :: Toronto

altIt’s a boutique no frills hotel, but still has the bells and whistles. ALT boasts of individuality, as expected of a boutique hotel.

If you are stopping over for a night in Toronto this is the perfect place. You easily get into the shuttle train and after a quick ride walk across and right into the hotels lobby. They have a gourmet grab and go area with food available at all hours, which is great if you’re arriving from a late flight and hungry.

Part of the Germaine series, perhaps a smidge of an oxymoron but it is a no-nonsense boutique luxury hotel. Most business travellers don’t need either their luggage carried up by bellhop or room service. What you will likely appreciate is an incredible night sleep n a very comfortable bed and top-notch service.

The GM, Nicolas Lazarou, brought my attention to the engaging piece of artwork in the main lobby. The mural ran as a contest when the hotel launched a couple years ago. With a theme or color you could submit and image (with appropriate hashtag), and the winner would get a night comped at the hotel. It is still interactive with video elements interspersed throughout the wall. Simply brilliant.

I urge you to give this hotel a try, you will be blown away

6080 Viscount Rd
1 855-855-6080

Posted by Ava Stochinsky on July 11, 2015 in Travel

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