Ground Walkers Walk But Northwest Keeps Flying

Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul were not the best destinations last Friday when the mechanics walked off the job from Northwest Airlines Corporation. But America’s fourth-largest carrier vowed to keep flying a full schedule with its replacement workers. According to, some late-evening flights were delayed, but it all could have been far worse than it first appeared.

These tips can help you avoid delays…
• Check your flight status before leaving for the airport by calling your travel agent or checking the Northwest Website at the Labor Update section.
• Should your flight be canceled, contact the airline to get a ticket on another flight or on another airline – they are required to help you book passage under federal law.
• If you’re at the airport, phone NWA @ 1.800.692.6955 to change plans, which is often faster than waiting in the ticket counter’s long lines.
• If you have an electronic ticket, get your NWA ticker printed on paper –– some carriers won’t accept e-tickets from other airlines.
• Count to 10 and try to stay calm. Stuff happens.

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