Experience volcanic beauty along the lake from sky at Solitaire Lodge


An atmosphere of peace and tranquility creates a comfortable shell in the private peninsular region along Lake Tarawera where the ultimate destination of luxury and comfort, Solitaire Lodge, accommodates its guests in an ethnic Kiwi hospitality. The 3600 surrounding of the lakeside retreat feature every blessing and beauty of nature. The magnificent volcanic mountain, Mount Tarawera stands at a distance and the glassy lake flows along its footsteps. The secluded private bays near the doorsteps of the lodge are washed away by the majestic waterfalls on the hot water beaches and the natural springs around. All the suites are well furnished to provide maximum comfort to guests while staying in a spacious interior with floor to ceiling glass windows that offer an unobstructed 1800 peerless beauty of the natural surroundings. The lodge offers a flight trip to its guests to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape from the clear blue skies.

Via www.solitairelodge.co.nz

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on November 26, 2011 in Travel

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