A Lady in the Kitchen and a Hooker in the Bedroom:: Valentine’s Day Prezzie

Some things never change…this is still everyman’s #1 fantasy. But a close second, and the perfect gift for your honey offers these same yin/yang properties. Two incredible artisan chocolate makers have created their unique versions of salty/sweet caramels that, quite frankly, after devouring a box of each, I have totally tied for first place as this year’s Best Valentines Day Candy.

San Francisco based, Coco-luxe, has them standing in line for Stephanie Marcon’s Shoo Fly Pie Caramels: Rustic, Earthy, and Intense. Blackstrap molasses caramels come sprinkled with just the right touch of Salish alderwood smoked salt. One whiff of these bad-boys had me salivating. (Can’t wait to check out her new choco-boutique in Haight Ashbury.)

Or if you’re more the delicate-lily type, then Dasfoods creative assortment (with a softer texture) will definitely work. Made the old-fashioned way, in small batches based on fresh local cream, butter and honey, then flavored with exotics such as candied ginger, bright green roasted Pistachio nut,freshly ground Meyer lemon zest, Thai lemongrass or just a touch of Indonesian Green Peppercorns, and just a few granules of the Fleur de Sel for the finale.

Posted by Janice Nieder on February 02, 2009 in Food

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