Spectacular Grill for Enjoying a Summer Holiday


Do you feel like spending a summer day by cooking some burgers, hot dogs or steaks in a grill? Then you must visit the Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite! It offers you a professional open-air kitchen that can serve your specific needs. You will get a grilling area of 42” with burners, griddle, cutting board and a warm drawer that stores your food for serving. This grill is also provided with a bar-tending station where you can conveniently mix drinks for your guests.

All these facilities are available at a hefty price at a cost of $35,000. But if you wish to have something spectacular, nothing can be more appropriate than this costly grill. BeefEater created this expensive grill for “World’s Finest” exhibition. This high-priced grill has a wok burner, barbecue burners of high-output, warming rack, roasting hood, vaporizer grid and a reflector system. The most outstanding feature of this grill is that its entire body is plated with gold.

Via: most-expensive.net

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