Nic’s Beverly Hills : One Really $wank Martini


There’s a new martini in Beverly Hills that’s creating plenty of buzz among the cocktail crowd.

The Kauffman Martini at Nic’s Beverly Hills is touted as being the most expensive martini in Los Angeles.

Restaurateur and vodkateur Larry Nicola has created the martini using Vodka Kauffman served in its purest form – no fancy fusions, no mixers, no added flavor. Served in specially designed hand blown glasses created by Michael Weems, the Kauffman Martini can be enjoyed exclusively at Nic’s Beverly Hills for a cool $150.

Oh, you get to keep the glass.

As the world’s only vintage vodka, Kauffman is distilled 14 times, making it the most distilled vodka on the market and the priciest vodka in the U.S. It retails for approximately $250 per bottle.

The Russian vodka is produced only in years when the wheat crop is of the highest standard. The vodka is produced with soft, pure natural water and then filtered through birch-coal columns and quartz sand –- giving it a pristine look and taste. Each bottle carries its own unique limited edition number.

Nic’s Beverly Hills was formerly La Familia, one of the regular haunts of Dean Martin. The place is still very much Rat Pack cool.

Known for its steak & spa’ing cuisine, extensive Martini menu and the VODBOX (Nicola’s one-of-a-kind modern, walk-in exhibition vodka tasting freezer), Nic’s Beverly Hills features American cuisine and décor with vibrant colors and a cool lounge showcasing today’s top deejays and music.

Nic’s Beverly Hills
453 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Posted by Sue Frause on January 09, 2008 in Wine, Spirits & Liquids

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