A Left-Handed Complement :: Mollydooker Wine, Australia

We’ve all seen left-handed scissors, left-handed keyboards, left-handed computer mice, even left-handed pencil sharpeners.

Now, Sparky and Sarah Marquis of the McLaren Vale Winery in Australia, are offering a wine for left-handed people, AKA “Mollydooker” in Aussie slang.

On the other hand, the company hires mostly lefties and tests them to see if they grab the glass with their left hand for wine tasting during interviews.

Their signature creation is the 2006 Mollydooker Carnival of Love McLaren Vale Shiraz for $80 — a very rich vintage featuring intense black fruit and a characteristically syrupy smooth mouthfeel.

And with scores of 96 and 99 for their Enchanted Path and Carnival of Love wines respectively, one hand definitely knows what the other is doing Down Under.

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