Faster Than A Speeding Appletini: WaiterPad POS Systems

I saw a demo of this cool tool. Say you’re in a restaurant and the waiter is taking your orders. Instantly, by using the WaiterPad™ Point of Sale (POS) System, your drink request is wired to the bar where it’s filled and brought to your table by someone else… before your waiter leaves the table! Customers always say, “That must be someone else’s because that’s too fast.” But it’s not.

Plus, if the bartender or chef speaks a different language than the waiter, the order can be sent in his/her native tongue. It also features easy-to-use touchscreen terminals about the size of a standard PDA, true wireless radio frequency technology, seamless integration with a restaurant’s existing back-office systems, longer battery life than any other system on the market today, extensive training and ongoing support.

WaiterPad, based in Australia, is already helping over 500 restaurants in more than a dozen countries win over more customers with top levels of satisfaction and impress managers with higher sales. Their technology partners are Epson and Palm, so they’re well-positioned for global growth.

Posted by Gil Zeimer on July 11, 2006 in Food

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Check out for more on this type of stuff.

  2. Tech Guru
    Tech Guru says:

    Waiterpad’s biggest flaw is not getting into bed with Microsoft.
    Palm will eventually get bought by Microsoft and go away.
    I just returned from Europe and the majority of handheld order input devices feature a proprietary OS or are on a Windows Mobile device.
    Symbol, who is the largest manufacturer of commercially used handheld devices uses Windows Mobile.

  3. Nadun Basnayake
    Nadun Basnayake says:

    Dear Team,
    I need to get a detailed description about Wireless Order Taking Systems available with you. I need to know what are the product categories and features of them as well as the price range of each product.
    Please provide me information whether these devices can be customized and also whether can we integrated them into our existing wifi systems.
    Please provide information on how the implementation is done and how will be the training provided.

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