Your Fingers Will Love Their Touch


The alluring luxury mobile phones are the current presentation by the Gresso brands of phone makers. These lavishing phones are popularly known as the Grand Monaco primarily to pay homage to the grand Formula 1 racing cars. This Russian brand of luxury phones feature the same amount of gestures as that of racing cars.

The advanced technology and contemporary designing of these Grand Monaco phones are sure to produce high functionality in terms of services. Titanium super alloy, high-tech ceramic and carbon are the leading materials used in the manufacturing of these tough yet attractive mobile phones.

However, if you have an eye for the grey shades then these mobile phones also come in the form of steel inclusive of ‘hand-polished 42K sapphire crystal’ models which will surely bring that sparkle of longing to own one such set. The various features for the gizmo freaks to enjoy are GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, email, 2MP camera, Bluetooth to mention some.

Depending on your choice, this brand of mobile phones come in the twin versions of “Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon” and “Metallic Ceramic Black Carbon”. It is a perfect gift for anniversary or valentine’s day purpose and is priced at $2,100.

Via: Pricy Spicy

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