With a Glass Of Wine, Enjoy The Show In The Wine Theatre


Inserted around the angle from the South Bank is Southwark’s hottest best secret: The Wine Theatre. It conveys the long unpaid Italian tradition of ‘aperitivo’ off to London, factually interpreted as ‘civilized gathering over small plates of food’.

Instead of catching the adjacent bar snack you can very conveniently pay a little more for the first glass of wine and subsequently can help you to an assortment of continental tapas. It’s a swift and expedient way to dine bearing in mind the venue’s immediacy to theatre land. There is no doubt that this is the final destination for any art lover.

The setting of The Wine Theatre is dramatic and exaggerated with rich red drapes entrapping the far end of the room around the large end serving up the window. The black and white wall sections portraying the theatre at Asti gives the place the ideal touch a class and style. The pale wooden floor and cream colored walls dramatically offset black and red minimalist furnishings and subdued lighting and ultimately gives it a trendy and chic look.

This destination has an implausible knowledge about the greatest technique to marry food with wine Italian style. The cuisine served here leaves any food lover with ultimate satisfaction.

However it’s not just regarding the food. There are nearly 100 wines to choose from, and due to a special ‘Enomatic’ storing system you aren’t tied to ordering by the bottle. You won’t be allowed to leave until you finally try the taste of Italy itself: a small glass of limoncello.

Via: lussorian.com

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