Wine In, Wine On :: Vinotherapy at Suncadia, Washington

Suncadia Resort CommunityI’ve put an awful lot of wine in my body. I just learned that putting it on my body can be just as wonderful.

The vinotherapy massage at the new Glade Spring Spa ( in the Suncadia resort community 80 miles east of Seattle uses Chardonnay-infused oil that soothes away all the kinks and knots during a medium-pressure workout. The oil has a light grape-floral-oak scent that in itself is relaxing. It eventually absorbs into the skin, leaving it soft rather than oily. Moisturizing creams using the same oil are newly available in the spa shop.

Vinotherapy massages — either 50 minutes or 80 minutes — end with a very healthy pour of a Washington State Chardonnay (have a few glasses of water between massage and wine or risk ending up horizontal).

The spa is gorgeous. Guests step into an airy entryway and move on to large luxurious locker rooms, several comfortable sitting rooms, rustic outdoor saunas and a series of five outdoor pools to meet every need, including a women’s only salt-water soaking pool or a larger unisex pool, all surrounded by large rocks and waterfalls with views of the mountains in every direction.

Glade Spring Spa offers a variety of other massages on its menu, along with facials, scrubs, body masques, waxing and nail treatments.

The facility, located inside the inn at Suncadia, is still a work in progress. Locker rooms are lacking hooks for robes and towels (on order, I was told), shower supplies sit on the tile floors, locker room supplies are a random mix as management tests several product lines, and the retail area needs some more attention. But little issues are easy to overlook once the wine is on and in the guests.

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  1. The spa sounds remarkable. This is something my readers will really enjoy. Great post!

  2. I was at Suncadia last year doing a “preview” story before it officially opened. The spa was still under construction. It all felt very “corporate,” and obviously they are focused on selling homes/condos — it felt like a cross between the planned communities/villages of Sun River, Oregon and Whistler. I prefer staying somewhere in “old” Roslyn, a wonderful mining town where they filmed the TV series Northern Exposure. As far as vinotherapy massages, I’ve had two: one in Kelowna, BC where I ended up a big sticky mess (I can’t recall the name of the day spa) and another more civilized treatment at Brentwood Bay Lodge & Spa near Victoria, BC. That was quite nice. I’m still happiest with either a deep tissue, hot stone or Ayurvedic massage. Also, the Glade Spa massages are a bit $$ — ranging from $125 for 50 minutes to $190 for 80 minutes. Whatever happened to 60 and 90 minutes, anyway?

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