What Color Is Your Jockstrap? Men & Women’s Tales From the Road

My fellow blogger and world-renowned traveler Jen Leo has done it again. With men. Her fourth collection of short stories from Traveler’s Tales is What Color Is Your Jockstrap?. She humbly calls it “a co-ed pajama party of raucous, racy and oft times ridiculous stories from travelers walking the fine line between questionable taste and good humor.�?

Now I enjoy a story about projectile vomiting or chronic diarrhea as much as anyone, but I was falling off my chair while reading this outlandish collection with a new twist — stories from men. To win a copy of the book, see below.

By the way, the first three books in her award-winning women’s travel humor series, Sand in My Bra, Whose Panties are These?, and The Thong Also Rises were all penned by women.

So after years of fending off requests from male readers regarding when they could join the fun in her popular anthologies, Jen relented. You’ll recognize the contributors as some of the best-known travel writers in the country. Jockstrap stories include:
• Dare to kiss the woman of Elliott Hester’s dreams in Argentina.
• Discover that adventure king Tim Cahill has a fear of…freshwater lakes?
• Begin your marriage with a sick-off like Julia Weiler did in Mexico.
• Hide behind Rachel Thurston’s mom as she takes on taxi drivers in Nepal.
• Enjoy nine hundred holiday photographs from Laurie Notaro’s parents.

I highly recommend reading What Color Is Your Jockstrap?, edited by Jen Leo. It just might be the perfect travel companion because it packs light, never questions your judgment, and makes you laugh. Plus, the first person to write a comment will win a free copy of this book. So comment below, then I’ll contact you separately to get your address.

What Color Is Your Jockstrap?
Funny Men and Women Write From the Road
Edited by Jennifer L. Leo
Publisher: Travelers’ Tales
$14.95, paperback , 232 pages

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  1. Dear Gil Zeimer, hope I am the first (the fact is that I was on the site when you uploaded.) Now send me the book. Thanks.

  2. I did leave the comments here earler as well. Where have they gone?

  3. yikes

    sorry I missed the giveaway

    guess I may have to buy the book

  4. Shirazi, one of our contributors from Pakistan, won the book. Thanks to all who participated.

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