Welcome Our Two Newest Vagablond Contributors

An old colleague and a new friend compose our latest dynamic duo of Vagablond contributors. Welcome to Lanny Udell and Sue Frause

Like me, Lanny Udell is a versatile copywriter. Unlike me, she is a Minnesota native, lived in NYC for many years working for a variety of ad agencies, then made her leap to the West Coast. She loves to travel and discover interesting, little out-of-the-way places, photograph and write about them. Lanny often spends weekends in California’s Wine Country, searching out the best restaurants and cool wineries. Read Lanny’s posts.

Sue Frause has been a working freelance journalist and photographer since 1988. A voracious lover of the written word, her writing career started early on as the editor of the Roosevelt Nosy News, a sporadic grade school publication cranked out on a mimeograph machine by aspiring sixth grade journalists. She grew up on a diet of two newspapers a day, The Seattle Post- Intelligencer and The Everett Herald. Read Sue’s posts.

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