The Big Apple Wears A Beard: Per Se Restaurant

Thomas Keller may be America’s most celebrated chef. His French Laundry in California’s Napa Valley is generally considered the best restaurant in America (and one of the priciest). Now, his Per Se venue, on the edge of Central Park at 10 Columbus Circle and 60th Street, has clinched the James Beard Award for best New York restaurant. That’s quite a bi-coastal accomplishment!

Each waiter is extremely attentive. The food is spectacularly presented. And each plate features a rainbow of colors and tastes. Open for lunch Friday through Sunday. Dinner daily.

Bring your credit card or a fistful of dollars. Five-course tasting menu is $125; nine-course vegetable tasting menu is $135; nine-course chef’s tasting menu is $150. Extensive wine list to complement each course. Reservations: 212-823-9335 (Good luck: French Laundry has a waiting list for weeks at a time.)

4 Responses to The Big Apple Wears A Beard: Per Se Restaurant

  1. Lanny Udell says:

    I have had the good fortune of dining at the French Laundry, not once…but twice. This is not about eating dinner…it’s a life experience! The creativity that goes into each dish, the exquisite presentation and skillful wine pairing (if you opt for it, which I highly recommend)make for an extraordinary evening.

  2. Elisa Hatin says:

    As remarkable as the hype was for the French Laundry, the actual experience surpassed it. The whole evening was magical, from the food and wine, to the service, to the location in Napa. This was something I thought I’d do once, but I’m looking forward to a repeat…if I can ever get another reservation.

  3. Gil Zeimer says:

    Lanny & Elisa: Thanks very much for your comments on the French Launcdry. Now that you’ve tried the “best in the west”, when are you going to complete the Thomas Keller circle and dine at Per Se in NYC?
    Happy eating! Gil

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