Wake Up To the Splashing Luxury of Tower 23 at San Diego


Rise and Shine to a brand new experience of luxury and sophistication at Tower 23.

The scenic beauty of the beaches from the hotel itself is worth the price of admission to the swank hotel. The rooms are very modern and have a modern streamlined feel. Upon arrival we received a delicious plate of cheeses and fruit that was accompanied by a lovely bottle of wine. Directly in front of the hotel is a boardwalk that overlooks Pacific Beach and the ocean. This portion of San Diego looks like it was ripped out a surfer movie.

The vibrant touch of nature gives you the opportunity to appreciate every minute of your stay in Tower 23. The glamorous setting of the rooms give you an oceanic view to feast your eyes on while you simply relax your senses amidst the lavishing architecture and state of the art facilities.

The stylish and contemporary rooms including suites just bring your dream interiors to life. The teak furniture are a symbol of class and great maintenance.

The rooms are categorized as Spirit, Sky, and Surf Pads. While the suites classified as Sanctuary and Sweet give you the scope to enjoy the ultimate pleasure to revive your body and senses.

The specialities of the Spirit Pad are the lavishing views from the Tower Deck and Zen water garden. While Sky Pad offering great views of the Pacific Ocean is located at the 2nd or 3rd floor of the building.

With the Surf Pad type of rooms you enjoy the ultimate scenic luxury of the ocean outside. The settings of the Surf Pad rooms is such that not only the magnificent oceanic views you also get to feel the splendid play of colours during sunset.

The Sanctuary Suite is a great experience with Jacuzzi tub, separate step-in shower, a private spa experience, wet bar and what more could you ask for. While Sweet Suite is the perfect blend of contemporary interiors and a widespread allegiance to natural beauty as the windows and the balcony give you a direct view of the lush and never ending sky ahead and the splashing ocean beneath.

I could ramble on and on about the accommodations and incredible location, but I need to avert your attention to JRDN. It is pronounced Jordan and is the restaurant that takes up half of the main floor. Starting with the fun little ‘amuse bouche’ that wets your appetite before the appetizers arrive the incredible momentum does not slow down until the meal is finished. I was lucky enough to share this experience with my mom who has dined worldwide and some luxury establishments. Without hesitation she ranked this in her top 5 meals of her lifetime. The chef, Victor Jimenez, is simply a maestro of culinary delights. What made the meal even more memorable was the very talented staff. I’ll be candid in that I am not a wine drinker and have no time for wine pairings. What JRDN’s Sommelier achieved was the ability to display his incredible passion for what he does, without coming across with even an ounce of pretentiousness.

JRDN Surf features the modern touch in your dining experiences and steak and seafood delicacies are its specialities. Graham Downes’ designing and architectural has given it a distinct identity of its own.

A 70-foot long ‘wave wall’ behind the restaurant features a live show splashing sun set along the Pacific Beach is a major aspect of interest.

If I am in the vicinity of Sa Diego I will be making JRDN part of my itinerary.
723 Felspar St
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-5736

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  1. Good location between La Jolla and downtown. Need to check it out my next trip down there.

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