Vintage Madeira: One of a Kind


Sir Winston Churchill, on his visit to the Madeira island was honored with Vintage Madeira, the rarest brand of wine. Back then in 1950, he was served with this rare 1792 vintage wine bottled in 1840. This wine was already 158 years old when Sir Winston Churchill tasted it for the first time and what’s best, it tasted as fine as a new wine. The refined wine features a rich, velvety,sweet taste with the chocolaty aroma of the butterscotch flavor.

The vintaging of this wine took place during the lifetime of Marie Antoinette. The longevity of Madeira has made it a premium brand among the old wines. Even after two centuries, this wine offers the same taste of refinement.

Madeira’s Mountain Vineyards are located amidst a volcanic island surging from sea level by 700 miles to the south of Portugal and 360 miles to the west of Morocco. TheEuropeans first settled in this island and they were led by Zarco the Portuguese explorer.

A tourist from Venice commented that Madeira’s vineyards were the most beautiful. By 1600’s Madeira’s was a famous name in the North American colonies. Madeira is made out of grapes. During manufacturing Madeira is heated for many months.


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