Vacation or Vocation? Kathy Griffin, Life on the D-List in Iraq

Whether you think Kathy Griffin is the funniest woman ever or you just don’t get her self-deprecating humor, you’ve got to admire her balls for going to Iraq to entertain the troops.

Read her Kathy’s Blog on Bravo’s Web site and decide for yourself if it was a ploy to boost ratings or an honest attempt to give something back to her country. Truth is, her show, “Life on the D-List,” is nominated for an Emmy. Will she win Sunday night?

She said, “It was absolutely one of the most incredible experiences of my life… The army kept saying, ‘You can’t go because it’s too dangerous.’ … And I was like: Screw that! First of all, anybody can go visit the troops in Germany… But for me, it was Iraq or nothing.”

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