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Wine Spectator Mobile Let’s say you’re about to order wine in a restaurant or buy a bottle at a store. You faintly remember a review you’d read about this Pinot Noir vs. “that one” or the aromas of blackberry with hints of raisin and spices on a Sangiovese. But you don’t have time to run to your computer to search for the right wine. No problem…

Now you can get Wine Spectator Mobile, FREE with your online membership, to help you make your selection with a new, easy-to-use mobile service.

Wine Spectactor Mobile lets you:
• Search their database of over 200,000 wine ratings
• View their vintage charts to determine the best years in the world’s major wine regions
• Reference your shopping lists
• Review your current cellar inventory via Personal Wine List

To subscribe, visit WineSpectator.com/mobile.

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  1. This is an excellent and useful tool. I also recommend that any of my wine marketing clients make their wine club members aware that if their wines have been reviewed by Wine Spectator that their wine will appear on the app. It’s a great way to make and additional point of contact with their members.

    Scot Burns

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