True Flavour Spot: Bangkok Sea View Restaurant

Tourists are always amazed by Sirrocco Restaurant, the tallest rooftop restaurant and bar in Thailand. For me, it’s just another “hot spot” as recommended by Conte Nast Traveler.

It’s not difficult to find a fancy place like this in metropolitan cities, but it’s certainly not easy to find a place which can reflect the “true flavour” of one culture. It’s simply because these places are normally non-touristy or inconvenient to access, Japan is for certainly the classical example.

But there is one very special place that I think worthy of merit: Bangkok Sea View Restaurant. First, it is about a one-hour drive from the city centre of Bangkok. The Entrance of the restaurant is located at the end of the long and straight (but not flat) road where there are many open-air seafood restaurants flanking both sides.

At the Entrance is a small pier, where you need to take another 15-minute boat ride while you have a glance at the Thai river lifestyle along this pleasant journey. Very soon, the river is near its end and you find yourself surrounded by the sea, you’ll view a 100% bamboo structure sitting right at the sea-river junction; that’s where we will have our good time.

Arrive by around 4pm and you will have fresh seafood, icy cold Singha Beer (or local whiskey) while enjoying the beautiful sun diving slowly into the sea. Again, there is nothing fancy or luxurious here, but an unpretentious, true flavour and naturally beautiful experience.

Please note that the restaurant is non-English speaking and inconvenient. Find out more.

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Posted by Donald Woo on February 01, 2007 in Travel

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