Travels of the Rich and Famous

The July issue of InStyle Magazine asked star-studded celebs where they’d like to vacation this Summer.

Let’s listen in to what they had to say:

Claire Danes: “I want to go to Brazil. I am curious about that part of the world.”

Lindsay Lohan: “Africa seems so exotic.”

Kelly Rowland: “I suggest that everyone visit Cabo San Lucas. The people are so nice. The food is good — so good that I ate like a pig. And who doesn’t like tequila? So, come on, let’s go.”

Ben Stiller: “I love going to Hawaii. It’s my favorite place to vacation. I love the island of Kauai. It’s really great and it’s where Christine and I got married.”

Mandy Moore: “I would like to visit Tahiti or somewhere in the South Pacific where they have thatched houses right on the water. Fiji sounds pretty amazing and luxurious.”

Jodie Foster: “I love Thailand. I’d spend the day going to the beach, eating the food, then going back to the beach and eating the food.”

Now for the rest of us mere mortals, where is Summer taking you?

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