Tour De Food… Warning: Prepare to be Indulgent With Malcolm Stogo

It’s late. It’s past dinner-time. Your stomach is growling. And you’re still in the office. You begin to dream of jet setting to some luxurious place where everything is delicious.

You’re strolling the ancient avenues of Italy enjoying dark chocolate gelato… You’re sitting at a corner Trattoria sipping on a glass of heady red wine… You’re sprinkling fragrant green olive oil and freshly grated Pecorino Romano onto a crusty slice of bread… You’re indulging your every culinary desire. Oh and then that handsome man at the café is smiling at you… but then you wake up and realize it was only Ned glaring at you from the copy machine. (We’ve all been there.) Well, it’s about time to leave your desk behind and live those dreams.

In the new line of luxury travel, culinary tours are becoming the fashionable way to see Europe. Not just any culinary tour will do these days though. That’s why Malcolm’s Specialty Food Tour of Italy is becoming one of the best kept secrets of foodie jet setters.

World-renowned ice cream and food expert Malcolm Stogo guides the intimate excursion, offering fine wine and gelato tastings, private cooking classes, and exclusive restaurants in Bologna, Tuscany, Florence, and more. All this paired with fabulous shopping and beautiful sights are exactly what dream vacations are made of.

The tour runs in October, from the 5th to the 14th to be exact. For extensive tour information, visit Malcolm’s Website. Bueno Appetito!

Contributed by Jess Frank.

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  1. Sue says:

    This sounds great ….I feel like Im ready to go there

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