Topshop: Another Store New York

Here is news from the world of high street fashion. Topshop the leading British fashion chain has decided to go ahead with its plans for setting up the anticipated $20 million flagship fashion store in New York. Recession is in no way going to affect this plan. So for all those who love to indulge in fashion wear, you will be elated to hear this.

Topman, the male equivalent of the store Topshop has its primary location in the West End of London. It will be sprawling over a similarly desirable location in New York. The site is a listed building, location at 478 Broadway.

The store will feature excellent display windows that are floor-to-ceiling and you will find them on three floors. There you will find ‘an army of mannequins’. Among the merchandise there will be an interesting collection that belongs to Kate Moss. That is great.


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