Toast of the Town by Luxury Institute

The independent Luxury Institute based in New York City recently released its annual LBSI or Luxury Brand Status Index. Every year people eagerly wait for the results of the LBSI. Luxury brand executives utilize the result to check how consumers rate their brands in the scale of luxury metrics.

A survey of high-ranking consumers rate over 100 brands in 10 spirits and wine categories. This leads to the final rankings. Here are the top-rated brands for every category:
• Dom Perignon in Champagne and Sparkling Wine category
• Hendricks in Gin category
• Courvoisier in Cognac category
• 10 Cane in Rum category
• Grand Marnier in Liqueurs category

The results bear testimony to the fact that luxury consumers hold a lot of value for the real and premium qualities in wine and spirits. In the modern age, prestigious brand will be able to thrive only if they maintain their quality. That is what the CEO of the Luxury Institute, Milton Pedraza had to say. To learn more click here.

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